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Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives, and even when it does it can be lost so easily.
Lemony Snicket, The Beatrice Letters  (via lovequotesrus)
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Details on Jared's accident/injury during JIBCon 5 from Fangasm's Interview with Osric Chau


O: (laughing) Okay….So we’re in the green room, we’re a little bored, and Jared asks if we can wrestle.

L: As you do…

O: And I’m like okay, and he just starts coming towards me. It was a really small green room – he’s likethat big and it’s like this big (Osric helpfully jumps up and shows…

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my dad just called me phil for literally no reason

how do you phil about it

im philled with rage. also fuck y;ou

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I was so worried. And he just needed to sit there for a minute, and he was so pale and so quiet and no one knew what to do. So then Clif just popped it back in, it wasn’t out that much. But then they all start egging me on, like “Grand Master, Master Chau” and at this point, I’m just like ‘guys, no! This is not the time!’ Which just made them want to do it even more. It made me so uncomfortable, and Misha’s like ‘c’mon man’, and I’m like ‘NO NO he’s right there!’ I was so uncomfortable. So everyone’s freaking out and he had to cancel his panel Ohmygod, and even then Jared’s like ‘yeah man I’m gonna have to go out there and tell them I can’t go onstage because you broke my arm… let me call Gen and make sure Customs intercepts you at the airport and you can’t get back in to the country, and I’ve gotta give Jeremy Carver a call and make sure Kevin never comes back.’ Like even during the pain, he’s doing that.
osric on dislocating jared’s shoulder (x)
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hello everyone that needs to do their hw

do your homework!! you can do it!! after you’ve finished you can blog all you want!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK FRIEND YOU CAN DO IT

I needed this thanks

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Nightwing #29art by Russell Dauterman
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